Tales of the Thousand and One Shades of Alanis, the Goddess (part 2)

Tales of the Thousand and One Shades of Alanis, the Goddess (part 2)



His name was Carlos, and he went to a party somwhere in Barcelona. There he met her, a beautiful young woman, petite, slim, with long, enchanting red hair.


She smiled and said her name was Alanis. She was much shorter than Carlos, even in her stiletto heeled sandals. She wore a black mini dress that accentuated her beautiful figure. She spoke spanish with an accent he couldn’t place. Although there were many friends of his at this party, he’d never seen her before. Her deep dark eyes were glued to his eyes, and Carlos quickly began to think that this hot chick was interested in him. Wow, he thought, this night could turn into an adventure.


How right he was.


Carlos and Alanis were chatting and flirting. Not quite the usual style, he thought. This Alanis girl had a quite aggressive way of flirting. For example, after the first exchange of trivia, she said: “I think you will do well.” Carlos laughed, and answered ironically: “Oh yeah? That’s great! Do we go to my place, or to yours?” Alanis answered without a split second of hesitancy: “To my place, of course.” Carlos laughed and he played on: “Where do you live?” And Alanis: “So far away that it would be too complicated to explain.” And Carlos: “Wouldn’t it be better to go to my place then? I live nearby, in a nice apartment close to the beach. 10 minutes walk from here.” Alanis smiled: “No, you come with me. Don’t worry. It’s just a one way trip.” Carlos laughed, a little nervous: “Oh yeah? Do you want to kill me at your place?” Alanis seemed to think about this question for some seconds, then she shaked her head: “I won’t kill you. I will keep you. I play for keeps.” Carlos smiled about this strange conversation. Some distant voice inside of him whispered: Run, Carlos, run for your life! But Carlos didn’t want to listen. He wanted this red-haired chick.


Then out of the blue, Alanis said to him, “I bet I can hypnotize you.”

“Eh?” With no warning at all, she had changed the topic of conversation completely. So her sentence threw him off balance a little.

“I can hypnotize you easy,” she said with a smirk.
“Uh, if you say so.”
“You don’t believe me?”
“No, I guess I don’t.”

“Let me try.”
“Fine. Whatever. Get this over with.”

She grinned like the proverbial cat with the canary in its mouth.

“Great,” she said. “Now, pay attention.”


And that is when she grabbed his neck, pulled his head down – and kissed him like a warrior.


The almost brutal kiss lasted five long seconds, not longer. The time stood still. His brains dried up, and his whole nervous system was shattered by explosions.

She let him go. Carlos smiled sheepishly. “Oh, I like that kind of hypnosis”, he said.

“Yes, you did? You don’t feel anything?” asked Alanis.

Carlos answered: “Well, of course I feel something… very exciting.”

And with that he wanted to continue the tremendous kissing, but Alanis stopped him: “Besides your visible excitement under your pants, you feel the same as before? Nothing has changed?” Carlos shrugged his shoulders: “I guess, your hypnosis technique isn’t as perfect as your kissing technique… But good enough for me.” He whispered and tried again to kiss her.


“Your arm. What happens to your arm?” Alanis asked him.

“Hm? What about my arm––“


Then he noticed how oddly heavy his right arm felt. Also his hand started to get even heavier. He could not get it above chest level, and soon he could not hold it even that high. Alanis was laughing, and some other people were too, but Carlos was focused on what was happening to his hand. It felt as though it was getting heavier and heavier. Despite his best effort, he could not raise it even a little bit.


“Go on, lift your hand,” said Alanis with a smugness he did not like. He strained his muscles and tried as hard as he could, but his hand was too heavy. He could not lift it.

“Like this, silly,” said Alanis. She grabbed his right hand and easily lifted it up over his head. She let go of his hand, and it dropped back to his side. People were laughing at him, and Carlos could not seem to understand what was happening. He not only could not lift his hand, it was getting heavier by the moment.


He grimaced because he felt his hand might pull his arm off at the elbow. HIs hand was so heavy he was starting to have trouble standing. Eventually his knees buckled and he dropped to the floor. His right hand lay on the floor, and he could not lift it.


“Come on, pick up your hand,” Alanis said.

“I’m trying,” Carlos said with some annoyance. He grabbed his right hand with his left and strained with all his might to lift his hand off the floor, but to no avail. He could not lift his right hand.

Alanis bent over and grabbed his wrist. She lifted his right hand easily and wiggled it over his head as if it were the lightest thing in the world. Then she dropped it, and it fell to the floor with a thud.

“Just stand up,” she said.
“Don’t you think I would if I could?”
Alanis giggled.


Suddenly his left hand felt like the right hand, also it was glued to the floor. He was on his hands and knees. He looked up at Alanis and said, “What is going on here?”

Or rather, that is what he intended to say. What came out of his mouth was something more like, “Arf arf arf-woof arf woof.”


And that is when he became aware of everyone else at the party not just laughing at him, but laughing as if he were the funniest thing they had ever seen. “This is not funny,” he tried to say. But the sound he made was something like “Woof woof arf woof-woof.” And everyone just laughed harder.


Then a bowl of dry dog food was placed before him, and suddenly he was very hungry. But he still had his pride. He was not going to eat dog food. But he felt hungry. He needed to eat. So he leaned forward and sniffed the food. There was more laughter, and he stopped. “No,” Carlos said, though it came out as “woof,” and refused to eat.


But then Alanis put her hand under his chin and lifted his head so that he looked at her face. “But you’re so hungry,” she said condescendingly, “and this dog food is so yummy, I just know you want to eat some.”


She let go of his head, and looked at the dog food. He began to salivate, and his tongue hung out of his mouth, and he began to drool. He was hungry and the dog food looked and smelled delicious. He lowered his head toward the bowl.


“Wait,” she said. “Wait until I let you. You can’t do anything without my command.”


And Carlos froze there, with his face just millimeters from the dog food that he was now convinced would be delicious. His saliva dripped onto the food. He could smell it. He wanted it. He heard other people laughing but all he wanted was that dog food. He began to whimper with his desire to eat. His whimpering was soft at first, but quickly got louder. He needed to eat, and he needed to eat that dog food, and he needed to eat it right then and there.


At last, Alanis said, “Eat, dog,” and he began to devour that dog food. He barely chewed. He gobbled it down. He licked up all the pieces that had fallen out of the bowl and licked the bowl clean. When he was done, he heard everyone laughing and shouting “OMG”, and he realized he had just eaten a bowl of dog food. And the sense of having just eaten delicious food turned to nausea. What was happening to him he did not know.


He barked a single “woof” in frustration. And then a bowl of water was put before him. He was suddenly very thirsty. He lowered his head to the bowl.


“Wait, dog,” said Alanis. And he waited. Once again, he whimpered until he finally heard the command, “Drink, dog.” Instantly he was lapping at the water, trying to drink like a dog. He was so very thirsty, he worked hard to drink as much of the water as I could. He heard the laughter as he drank but he was so thirsty he could not stop until he reached the point where getting more water from the bowl was simply not possible. He stopped and stared down at the mostly empty water bowl. He looked around at everyone, including his friends, laughing at him. He realized what he had just done in front of them, and he felt humiliated.


Then he heard Alanis say, “So, do you admit I could hypnotize you easily?”

He blinked, and now suddenly he was kneeling upright. He was looking up at Alanis’ beautiful and domineering face. She was staring at him with a satisfied smirk on her face. He tried to stare back to her eyes, but he could not. In a matter of moments, he was looking down at the floor.


“Yes, señora.” he said rather sheepishly. He was still annoyed at having been laughed at by everyone, but at least he could talk like a human again.

“And what do you have to say to me for doubting my skills?”

“Sorry, señora.”

“Good boy.”

He felt a surge of blood in his penis when she said that. It made him gasp, and he heard giggles.

“Now tell everyone what you would truly like to be, and say it loud enough for everyone to hear you.”


Without thinking at all, he heard himself say, “I want to be Alanis’ feet licking dog slave.”


There was more laughter all around him, and when he glanced up, Alanis was laughing as if he had just said the most hilarious thing she had ever heard. He finally started to feel less ashamed and more angry. He wanted to get up.

But he heard a loud snap and Alanis say, “Stay on your knees, I am not finished with you.” And he stayed on his knees in front of this red-haired She-devil.

“Now say you are sorry for trying to stand up before I am done with you.”
“I am sorry I tried to stand up before you were done with me, señora.”
“And now say again what you want to be.”
“I want to be Alanis’ feet licking dog slave, señora.”

There was more laughter, but this time he could not seem to turn away. “Well, then, since you are too good to come socialize with us, why don’t you bend over and kiss my foot!”


That brought more laughter. But in that moment, he really wanted to kiss her foot. He bowed over and looked at her feet. They were a thing of beauty. So small and perfect in those silver sprinkled stiletto sandals. Blood red toenails. He needed to kiss them, adore them. He bent at the waist to press his mouth to her left foot. He kissed it lovingly and heard loud laughter from everyone else. He straightened up and kneeled there ashamed of himself for being so weak as to let her control him.


“Good boy,” she said and ruffled his hair as if he were a real dog. Again he felt hot blood surge to his penis. It was almost painful, and he gasped again. “Now, crawl to the kitchen and get me a white wine,” she said as she walked away.


Like a dog he crawled to the kitchen on all fours and filled her a glass with red wine. As he prepared the drink (and ignored the stares and gaspings of the others and the laughter and the remarks), he started to feel anger again. He thought to himself that he would give her the wine and leave the party. He thought the humiliation must be finished.


He took her drink out to her, still on his fours. It was impossible for him to stand up. She was sitting on a barstool out on the back porch. There was a small table next to her, and silently he put the glass of wine down there and turned to crawl away. He was fully intent on leaving the party on all fours. Just get out here, as soon as possible!


He heard a loud snap and turned toward Alanis. She was pointing down at the floor. “Kneel here,” she said.


And in a moment he again was kneeling on the floor before her. He looked up at her, wondering why she was still messing with him. With her up on the barstool, and him down kneeling on the floor, he felt small.

“This is where you belong, at my feet. Don’t you agree?”
“Yes, señora,” he said. He did not actually agree with her, but somehow he felt she was right. Which left him confused.

“Then stay there,” she said with a smile.

Then she realized what Carlos has delivered. Red wine.

“That is not what I asked for,” Alanis said.
He looked at the glass. He could see it was wrong. But he did not know what to say. “Come here,” she said with a smirk.

He crawled closer and she took the glass.

She snapped her fingers and pointed down.

“Lick my feet and ask for forgiveness.”

He knelt and licked each of her sandal-clad feet. And as he heard himself say, “I am sorry for bringing you the wrong drink, señora,” Alanis poured the red wine on his head. It ran through his hair and over his face and down his neck. “Please forgive me, señora,” he said.

“Very well,” Alanis said. “You may remain kneeling and licking my feet, because that is where you belong.”

“Yes, señora.”

“Ah, ah, ah. What do you say when someone gives you a gift?”

“Thank you, señora, for letting me kneel at your feet where I belong.”

“Better,” she said and then turned her attention back to Carlo’s friends. He did not really listen to them talk because he was now once more licking Alanis feet.


Gradually he realised that somehow she had tricked him. He was kneeling, licking her toes and not leaving. He thought perhaps if he just tried to crawl away, she might let him. But as soon as he began to turn, she snapped her fingers, and he was licking her feet again.

Then he thought he just needed to be faster. If he jumped up and ran for the door, he could get away. He just had to be sneaky. As quietly and with as little motion as possible, he got his feet planted flat on the floor. This is it, he thought. Just jump up and run for the door.

As soon he began to move, she snapped and pointed down, and he was simply kneeling again.


Alanis leaned down and whispered to him, “You belong at my feet, don’t you?” she whispered to his ear.

“Yes, señora,” he whispered back.

“Look at my feet, and whisper quietly one hundred times that you belong at my feet.”

“Yes, señora.”

“And don’t call me señora. It is an insult and I will punish you for it, later. Call me Goddess.”

“Yes, Goddess.”

And so he knelt there, staring at her sandals, her red toenails, her delicious feet, whispering “I belong at Alanis’ feet” over and over. One hundred times he said it.

When he grew quiet, Alanis leaned down and whispered, “Again.”
“Yes, Goddess.” And once more he whispered “I belong at Alanis’s feet” one hundred times.

When he was finished, Alanis leaned down and whispered to him, “Now whisper what you truly want to be three hundred times.”

“Yes, Goddess.”

And so, as he continued to kneel before Alanis and her sandal-clad feet, he repeatedly whispered “I want to be Alanis’ feet licking dog slave.” Three hundred times he thought it and whispered it. And not once did he think of anything else or try do anything but kneel there and whisper.


He had no idea how much time passed while he did all this whispering. The wine dried on his face and in his hair. When he finally stopped whispering, Alanis leaned down and said, “Hands and knees, dog slave.” He obeyed instantly, like a puppet on strings. Alanis leaned down and said, “Now whisper that you are my property and that you will obey me at all times and forever. Whisper it until I tell you to stop.”


As Alanis put her feet on his back and used him for a footstool, he began to softly repeat, “I am Alanis’ property, and I will obey Alanis at all times and forever.” He lost all track of time then. The whispered repetition was his only thought.


Suddenly there was a hard whack on his ass. He blinked and looked up.

“Hey, dog slave,” Alanis said to him, “You can stop whispering now. I’m leaving, so I guess you know what you are and what to do.”

“Yes, Goddess,” he said humbly.
She smirked mischievously. “Say again what you really want to be.”

“I want to be Alanis’ feet licking dog slave.”

Alanis chuckled and all his (former) friends laughed. “Stupid boy,” she said with some amusement.

And she stood up.

He remained on his hands and knees while he watched how the woman, whom he thought to fuck tonight, undid his belt, pulled it off, wrapped it around his neck, pulled the belt through the buckle and held the other end like a leash.  His own belt has become a leash in the hand of a woman who has become his owner.

And he has become her dog.

“As we leave this place, slavedog”, she said, “you’ll repeat all the sentences again and again, till the second we arrive at my place.”

“Yes, Goddess Alanis.”


She tugged his leash sharply. “Crawl close behind me, your lips should be always near my feet.”


And he followed, his lips near her feet, while he whispered endlessly: “I want to be Alanis’ feet licking dog slave. I am Alanis’ property, and I will obey Alanis at all times and forver.”


And Alanis left the party, with her newly acquired dog slave on the leash. The last thing the man, formerly known as Carlos from Barcelona, heard in this world, were the whispered remarks of his former friends.


“It’s crazy…!”

“Do you know that girl? … “

“Oh my God… “

“Who brought her here?… “

“I didn’t…”

“Nobody knows her?…”

“Look at Carlos…”

“What’s happenening with him…”

“Where does she lead him…?”

“Well, he will tell us tomorrow…”


No, he wouldn’t tell them tomorrow.


Nobody has ever seen him again.

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